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Kieran Black

Lukibear CMS

Lukibear CMS

Due to NDA and the sensitive nature of my work, some details have been intentionally modified or omitted from this project



Lukibear is a 100% remote digital agency that caters to all types of marketing, web and app needs. The team is comprised of three main employees with subcontractors helping to fill the gaps. 


The Challenge

The team needed a tool that would help keep track of project, team and individual progress. It needed to bring the distributed individuals together as to feel a part of the team.


My Role

I was the sole designer on this and worked with the two co-founders, Luca and Kilian, to bring the project to life. Luca, now working at Netflix, had a strong design background and Kilian, previously working at Adobe, had a strong development background. 



One of the things I had to find out was the business and user goals and needs. To find these out, I thought it best to conduct interviews with both the stakeholders and the remote team.

Needs of the business

  • Project management
  • Team management
  • User management
  • Scheduling
  • On boarding new team members (getting the right logins, apps, etc)

Needs of the remote working team

  • Normalcy, things like birthdays and getting to know your teammates
  • Scheduling
  • Project management

The great thing about this was I found that the user’s goals and the business’ goals overlapped fairly significantly.



I then proceeded with making a basic user flow to show Luca and Kilian to start the basic development process as we were accomplishing the task in an agile format. Once the user flow was approved, I was able to get my hands dirty with the pixels. I created a few screens that I put together in Sketch then imported into InVision to create a clickable prototype.                



Using InVision i was able to conduct clickstream analysis to see how people interacted with the app without giving them tasks. The main purpose of this was to see if the team members needed to be taught how to the platform. On boarding the user was key so having the app be self-explanatory was also key. 


What I learned

I love working with founders that have a technical background — because of this, communication and collaboration was really efficient.

A product gets used a lot more when the business goals and user goals align — this seems like common sense but it was really refreshing to see how many people enjoyed using the app, especially one that is a requirement for the place you work at.

Communication in remote teams is key — again, this might be super straight forward but I found that that's all that both sides of the product users needed. An awesome communication layer.



Final Design